• At The Coffee Shop

    I should have suspected that things would not go well when my local coffee shop was out of my favorite blend. The pot was empty after half my cup had been filled. I just told them to fill the rest with another, milder variety, and sat down to wait for my grilled cheese sandwich and […]

  • Interesting Times

    Yes, these are certainly interesting times. Scary times. Depressing times. Totally wacko times. Good Lord! If you’ve payed any kind of attention to the January 6th Committee hearings you know what I’m talking about. Everyone in the White House knew that Trump did not win, that there was no significant election fraud, and the whole […]

  • This is a test

    This is only a test. It is a test of how well the Ulysses iPad App does when used to publish to a WordPress Blog. This post may be deleted when testing is complete. Or maybe it won’t. One never knows.

  • Too Many Sources, Too Few Truths

    The problem with current thinking (one of them) is that veracity can be defined by the existence and confirmation of sources, rather than the credibility of sources. I’m not sure where I stumbled on the above, but it makes a ton of sense. Many of the recent books about the Trump Presidency are well researched […]

  • Baseball Resolutions for 2021

    Last year was a pretty unfocused year for my baseball fan activities. I did pay attention to the White Sox, got enthused by the pitching of Yu Darvish of the Cubs, and sort of followed the World Series. But I didn’t watch a lot of games, and those I did watch didn’t hold my interest […]