Run, Donald, Run … Away

Donald Trump is running for President! Whoopee!


Mr. Trump reminds me of that embarrassing relative everyone wishes  would just keep quiet until Thanksgiving dinner is over and he can go home. Most of the time he talks without stopping to think, and when he does stop to think, he’s mostly wrong.

With Trump, it’s all about his ego. He’s a name dropper, constantly mentioning that he knows Mr. X, or hangs out with Mr. Y, or had lunch last week with Ms. Famous Person. I guess that is meant to impress me with how wonderful he is, but somehow I don’t think that going to dinner with Mark Cuban means you are qualified to be President.

Trump’s solutions to the world’s problems seem to be aggressive, knee-jerk reactions rather than carefully thought out positions. The last thing I want in a President is a guy who acts like an eight year old on the playground when somebody calls him a name.

Six months from now, Trump’s candidacy will probably be a small side story in any account of the 2016 election. The trouble is that by being in the race, Mr. Trump cheapens the process by encouraging emotional reactions rather than thoughtful reflection. If he cares about his country, Mr. Trump should park his campaign bus and go back to making money in real estate. We’d all be better off.