Everything Old is New Again

I’ve been going through the Class Previews for the coming Legion upgrade/expansion. In general, I’m pleased with direction things seem to be going. I’ve always thought that there should be more to picking a class than just the abilities you get and the usefulness of those abilities in leveling and raids. The concept of strengthening class identities is a good one, and I hope it will bring back a bit of the role playing aspects I’ve enjoyed in the past.



Back in the ‘good old days’ when I first started playing, my RP server had a core group of dedicated role players. At almost any time of day you could find random RP scenes taking place in Org or Stormwind. There were groups of characters that everyone knew and appreciated.There was a Tauren Huntress dancing on the mailbox in The Crossroads. There were vampire Druids,ego-maniacal Human Warriors, and a small gang of level one Orcs that rampaged through the Barrens challenging everyone to duels. We had cross-faction fireworks shows on the lakes below Ironforge and secret cult meetings in various inns and caves throughout Azeraoth.

All of this activity added spice to the regular gameplay routine, and it caused to to think seriously about the character(s) you were creating. Your RP character’s personality was intertwined with your class and spec to make a total package which was tremendous fun.

I’m hoping the Class Halls and the focus on identities for the individual specs will bring back some of that fun.