WOW Legion Is Here

The latest patch to World of Warcraft popped up yesterday and I managed to log on for an hour of play. The introduction to the Broken Isles worked flawlessly and was a lot of fun. I’d played an Alliance character on the PTR, and this time I logged in on my Horde character. The differences between the two factions’ interpretation of events was interesting. I won’t go into details here, mainly to avoid spoilers.

Following the introductory stuff I managed to find my way down to Tanaris just in time for the Demon Invasion. It was pretty frenetic, with demons everywhere. The final boss was a massive dude who rained fire everywhere. I never did figure out how to get my Shaman close enough to do melee damage without dying, so I just hung back and spammed chain lightning. We managed to kill him off, and I ended up with a couple of Level 700 gear items from a pair of chests.

My enhancement shaman seemed much more effective on these episodes. After a bit of testing with him in the PTR I was worried that he wouldn’t be effective at all. I feel better now.

Today I may try to start a Demon Hunter, or perhaps I’ll just run a couple of my other characters through the opening scenarios. So far, this looks like it’s going to be great fun.