Big Boy is a BIG BOY!

The Union Pacific Railroad’s giant steam engine, nicknamed ‘Big Boy’ passed through our area last week. The crowds that came out to see the engine were massive. The photo below shows people in Elburn, IL. waiting for the train.

Waiting for the Big Boy
Waiting for BiG Boy

There are a ton of photos and videos on the internet, so I won’t post any here. But my overall impression of the engine is a simple “WOW!!!” It’s huge, loud, smoky (it uses oil to fire the boiler — hard to imagine what it was like back in the days of coal-fired engines), and totally amazing.

Watching it go by brought back memories of the good old days in the late 1950s when we could see steam powered engines running on the old C&O line near our house in Michigan.

Kudos to Union Pacific and all of the people that worked on the restoration and planned the tour.