The Suspense is Killing Me

And our President has been impeached. Or at least the House of Representatives has voted to approve Articles of Impeachment. There is some question about the status of this situation when the Articles have not been forwarded to the Senate, but let’s not fool ourselves. The Donald has been impeached.

Now we get to wait for the Senate to schedule a trial, to figure out what kind of trial it will be, and to begin. I suppose there is no doubt about the outcome. The Republican controlled Senate is going to support the President, regardless of how the evidence appears.

Unless — unless the Republicans figure this might be a good time to get rid of the wacko in the Oval Office, promote VP Pence, and perhaps stand a chance in 2020. Would Trump’s base go for that? Probably not. I suppose it makes sense for them to gamble that 2020 will turn out in Trump’s favor.

I’m not sure if I want things to move along or not. The fact that the Senate will acquit President Trump is probably the most depressing political news I’ve ever had to deal with. At least now, with things in limbo, I have a small thin thread of hope.