Interesting Times

Yes, these are certainly interesting times. Scary times. Depressing times. Totally wacko times. Good Lord!

If you’ve payed any kind of attention to the January 6th Committee hearings you know what I’m talking about. Everyone in the White House knew that Trump did not win, that there was no significant election fraud, and the whole idea of VP Pence playing the ‘big spoiler’ role was just nuts. That is everyone except President Trump and a few of his closest friends.

Frankly I don’t think this was at all surprising. The former president was and is a total megalomaniac. He was never going to admit he could lose, and he said as much early in his term.

The scary part now is that there are still a huge number of people who believe him. They are running for office and they are winning in the Republican primaries. It seems to me there is a serious risk of a total right-wing take over in enough states to put us in real danger of losing fair and meaningful elections.

And that, coupled with the religious right’s effort to insert their beliefs into our legal structure, makes me very afraid.