This site is intended to be a repository for a collection of opinions, comments, rants, and general observations by the author. The site title doesn’t necessarily indicate the general tone of the comments. I’m a pretty laid-back, gentle sort of fellow. I do NOT advocate actually putting heads on pikes. That would be wrong. But there’s no harm in using the term as an indication of how I feel about some crooked political hack or idiotic educator.

I’m also going to use this site to explore the potential of the WordPress platform. That means you may be seeing some weird pages, strange images and general wacky looking pages. Please forgive the mess.

About the Author:

The author of this blog is an aging resident of Illinois, a former banker, avid motorcyclist, and active computer geek. Since I live in Illinois, you can expect a few comments about the general state of corruption and incompetence found in our local and state governments. But I’ll also comment on a fairly wide range of events.